ART/Works art-making Workshops are hands-on, holistic programs that support returning veterans as they transition from combat and military life,
and rejoin civilian communities. 

The power and inspiration of art-making builds relationships and transforms communities
Our community-based, portable art-making activities create opportunities to build relationships across multiple cultural groups. 

Our goal is to promote shared experiences and to transform communities.

ART/Works creates and cultivates ... a safe haven for returning veterans and community members to discuss and process personal experiences of conflict through art-making: printmaking, paper making, writing, the spoken word and other mediums. The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult, as a veteran’s experiences differ greatly from those of new peers and even old friends and family members. The isolating effects of residing inside the gates of closed-off bases, adhering to a highly-regimented daily schedule, enduring multiple family separations, and surviving the extreme conditions of a combat zone often contribute to a sense of dislocation for returning service members.

ART/Works provides a bridge ... After a military member leaves active service, many of the support programs provided at the national level are no longer available. Our goal is to provide a natural continuation and transition from military-provided arts and recreation programs to lifelong art-making. Artistic and creative expression is known to boost individual quality of life, to enhance well-being, and to encourage meaningful dialogue.

ART/Works enables ... One program, Hand Paper Making enables veterans and community members to turn their uniforms and clothing into paper that is then the foundation for visual art-making and writing. The process of shredding and pulping personal clothing, telling stories, and sharing memories of what occurred while wearing the garments create new shared experiences. Art-making forges personal relationships, and fosters individual and corporate investment in community cohesion.

ART/Works Services Include