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Discover the history and culture of the Arts and the Military through ART/Forums educational programs.


Participate in Art-making and Community-building activities at ART/Works workshops. 


 Experience the unique and powerful stories of military life; the artistic responses to war by veterans and civilians at ART/Ifacts exhibitions. 

Community Builder. Catalyst.


The Arts & The Military
We are a grass-roots organization that serves as a catalyst for creativity,
community-building, and conversation. 


Our purpose is to share the complex and fascinating history of The Arts and the Military with civilian and military audiences. We believe an understanding of this honorable history enhances the present-day efforts of medical staff caring for wounded warriors, military personnel at the war front and the home front, and civilians working within military communities.

Knowledge is empowering and the history is inspiring. 

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Cups of Conversation

Sharing. Empowering. Inspiring.

Join us in a Journey of Discovery, Creativity, and Healing that Empowers and Inspires

Exhibitions & Collections

Moving Through Memories
Healing Threads
Moving Through Memories

Events & Engagements



WarFront/HomeFront: Through the Eyes of Our Military

An Exhibition of Veteran & Civilian Works as Artistic Expressions of the Military Experience.
Kent County Maryland Arts Council Gallery, Chestertown, MD
November through December 2017

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Beyond Stereotype: War, Warriors, and the Creative Arts
Lecture given in by Tara Tappert, Founder and Principal, The Arts & The Military and Michael D. Fay, (CW02, USMC, ret.) Retired Combat Artist and Founder, The Joe Bonham Project
Kent County Arts Council, Chestertown, MD
November, 2019
(in conjunction with WarFront/HomeFront Exhibition).


In Service to the Nations: Arts and Crafts and the Military 

Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Mini-Medical School Series in collaboration with the exhibition,
Asclepius: Military, Medicine & Creative Forces. Roanoke, VA
November, 2017

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Poster for Warfront/Homefront: An Exhibition of Veteran & Civilian Works as Artistic Expressions of the Military Experience.


Sharing the Narrative

The Arts and the Military shares narratives through presentations with a wide range of civilian and military audiences. On the right is a recent appearance at the Boston Athenæum by Tara Tappert and Michael Fay, “Beyond Stereotype: War, Warriors, and the Creative Arts.”